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Bradley & Chandler, The Cute Instagram and TikTok Influencers

Episode Notes

Bradley and Chandler are Instagram famous dogs, influencers and pet apparel models. They have almost 47K followers in instagram and 43.5K followMets in TikTok. They live with their parents in San Diego and LA and enjoy the good life. Follow for smiles and joy.

Their mom Diana Amann is a social media guru, digital marketing expert and Real Estate Marketing Coach. She just launched her company SOI Accelerator Coaching real estate agents how to expand their Sphere of Influence through organic social media and nurture marketing techniques.

Connect with Diana Amann and her babies:

IG and TikTok @bradley_and_Chandler

YouTube BradnChan Reviews


Diana Amann SOI Accelerator

IG & TikTok @soiaccelerator


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